Program Committee

General Chairs

Prof. Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU - INSA Toulouse & LAAS-CNRS

Prof. Florin UDREA - University of Cambridge, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering


Operational Manager of the Summer School : Brigitte Ducrocq, LAAS-CNRS


Sensor Committee

Prof. Thierry BOSCH - INP Toulouse & LAAS-CNRS

Prof. Patrick Danes - Université Paul Sabatier & LAAS-CNRS

Dr. Andrea DE LUCA- University of Cambridge

Prof. Jérémie GRISOLIA - INSA Toulouse & LPCNO

Prof. Bill MILNE - University of Cambridge, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering


Energy Committee

Dr. Giorgia LONGOBARDI -  University of Cambridge

Dr. Neophytos LOPHITIS - Coventry University

Dr. Alexandru TAKACS - Université Paul Sabatier & LAAS-CNRS


Communication Committee

Dr. Christophe LOYEZ - IRCICA

Dr. Thierry MONTEIL - INSA Toulouse & LAAS-CNRS

Dr. Eric TOURNIER - Université Paul Sabatier & LAAS-CNRS


Security Committee

Dr. Eric ALATA - INSA Toulouse & LAAS-CNRS

Prof. Gilles GRIMAUD - Univ. de Lille & IRCICA

Prof. Vincent NICOMETTE - INSA Toulouse & LAAS-CNRS


Data Analysis Committee

Prof. Marie-José HUGUET - INSA Toulouse & LAAS-CNRS

Dr. Nicolas JOZEFOWIEZ - INSA Toulouse & LAAS-CNRS




Marie-Dominique Cabanne and Isabelle Lefebvre, LAAS-CNRS


Publication :

Dominique Daurat, LAAS-CNRS





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