CPS in Action

This session is open to all participants.

Each participant may have a live demonstration or a video of his/her research of up to 5 minutes.  Also, there will be a 5 minutes interval for the stage set-up between the demonstrations.

Please send us the title and a short description of the demo by email at

This description will be post it on this WEB page.


CPS in action

Camynoo: IoT prototype based on LoRA and OM2M to geofence yours animals

Abstract: Camynoo will present a prototype in the IoT/LoRa/ OM2M/mobile interface. Our solution is an alert management system based on IoT technology using LoRa Wan to geofence the animal.OM2M and it’s  “behavior self learning” is the Camynoo Cloud service. We are basing the last meter resolution on a Community Camynoo Angels driven by social networks. 


Prof. JM. Dilhac - INSA Toulouse & LAA-CNRS : Energy Harvesting for Aeronautics Sensor Networks: True Lies ?

Abstract:  In recent years, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have been considered for various aeronautical applications, including flight tests during the development of new aircrafts, and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) during commercial exploitation. Up to now, these implementations induce a burden of kilometers of additional wiring. However, going wireless for communication also requires being wireless for energy: isolated from the on-board electrical network, each sensor node needs to be self-powered. Environmental concerns, together with economical and safety-related issues, often prohibit the use of electrochemical batteries. Fortunately, energy may be harvested in the environment, providing a reliable and sustainable electrical power source… But is this story true? Considering the aircraft environment and the required test procedure for avionics, are technologies mature enough to provide low volume, low mass, reliable and efficient energy harvesting solutions? The purpose of this demo is to answer this question through the example of a system being these days assessed in test-flights on an Airbus A380.


Dr. Damien Roque - ISAE : Building a Receiver from Scratch in Less than 5' thanks to Software Defined Radio


Prof. Dominique Houzet - INP Grenoble : Smart ultra-light removable electric assistance for bikes

Abstract: Smart ultra-light low-cost ebike assistance is a key challenge for massive use of bikes as a green transportation mean. Embedded motor controler with wireless communication (smartphone) allows smart control modes, optimal energy managment, high reliability with sensor-less implementation and small simple Brushless motor using friction on tire with high efficiency.



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